Rhythm Changes

Musical Education & So Much More

What We Do

Rhythm Changes works with local schools, teachers, and students to bring a strong musical experience to all who are involved!

While we started with the mission of bring musical education to the people of Haiti, which we of course still do, it has expanded to include a broader mission.

We bring teachers and students together to learn and perform in a variety of settings. We raise money for the Troy Suddith Scholarship fund. We are available to run music camps. We arrange numerous gigs throughout the year for you (or your children) to participate in. We want our students to get real experience in a band. Some of our students have even become our sound people!

Our students perform at many local breweries (more on that later), parks, music venues, and more. Many work in conjunction with the School of Rock in Frederick, MD to develop skills further as a member of a band. 

We are always looking for area schools and organizations that want to enhance their music program. We are also looking for venues that may wish to host our talented students. We have both adult and student performers. 

Mission Statement

To bring musical education to Haiti through the building of a school and provision of supplies and instruction. 

By also providing basic education for children and even medical training programs for adults we impact the larger community by working with individuals.

In addition, it is our goal to help people realize their own potential and to elevate the standards set by the world today.

Therefore Rhythm Changes is always listening to the people we serve. This way we can evolve with their changing needs.

*Special thanks to D’Addario for awarding Rhythm Changes a    D’Addario Foundation Grant.*