Brandon Dull, Founder, President and Program Director is Maryland Resident.

Brandon Dull works full time as a teacher at Jim’s House of Music, is a professional musician and is also a licensed EMT. 

He runs travel logistics and processes the applications for those who may qualify for Rhythm Changes Corporation assistance.

Brandon is responsible for the overall direction, the hiring/firing process, balancing the finances, acquiring grants, filing tax information, and allowing persons to participate in the Rhythm Changes program.

Brandon also works along with the other volunteers in coordinating local events and fundraising.

With Just A Guitar

In 2016 the founder, Brandon Dull, visited Cap Haitian in Haiti with a small bag of clothes and a guitar on his back for the first time. He walked off the small passenger plane with no knowledge of how to speak the language, the culture, or how he would be accepted by the local people. Armed with his guitar, he and two other musicians, were able to communicate through music. Instructing several different music classes, students traveled far and wide. Upon his return to the United States, he was changed and wanted to continue to make an impact on the community. Through his experience Rhythm Changes was formed.