While we may not be traveling to Haiti right now, we are always collecting financial and equipment donations that get transported to Haiti as we can arrange to do so. We are also providing virtual camps in Haiti when possible. 

Right now the financial donations are more helpful to the people of Haiti both for food and fuel.

Additionally, sometimes a donated guitar gets refurbished and is subsequently auctioned off at our local events to raise money. 

To provide virtual camps in Haiti we also need to purchase generators, projector screens, computer equipment and eventually solar panels. As you can imagine these items do not come cheap.

We are not only teaching in Cap-Haïtien and La Gonâve, but we are also working with and feeding the local community and getting to know the locals on a more personal level. We also use the cash and other donations to help with food, fuel, clothing, and education to the people we serve.

It costs about $2 per child to feed a child a meal and we often do that several times to our students or children at local orphanages during our trips. It also costs several hundred dollars just to transport our donations. Just another reason cash donations are critical.


Musical Instruments & Accessories

  • Musical instruments of all kinds
  • Guitar/bass/horn travel cases
  • 9-volt adapters
  • Clip-on tuners (snarks)
  • ¼ inch cables
  • XLR cables
  • Amplifiers: bass, keyboard, vocals, guitar
  • Small portables amplifiers
  • Microphones
  • Guitar strings/bass strings/violin strings/cello strings

Instrument & Supplies


Let There Be Rock School

5732 Industry Lane

Frederick, Maryland


Please contact us for more information regarding specific items needed for upcoming trips or to arrange a mutually convenient drop-off location.

Non-Instrument Donations

  • Suitcases for transport
  • Soccer balls/with portable pumps
  • Food: protein bars, portable food, peanut butter
  • Old cell phones
  • Portable water filters
  • Laptops
  • Extension cords
  • Power adapters/ power banks
  • Solar chargers/portable and industrial grade chargers
  • Educational books: music, math, English, science
  • Shoes/clothing
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Cell phone charging cables
  • Duct tape
  • Basic and power tools
  • Fabric for seamstresses