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My next trip to Haiti is October 18th to 25th.  The goal of this trip is to get a Drum Set, Bass Guitars, and Bass Amplifiers to the school at Camp Action. One of the difficulties with traveling is the weight restrictions as I’m only allowed to carry 100 lb in a checked bag. I have to pay extra money for this bag.  The cost ranges from $65.00 to $75.00 per bag depending on the airline. Once I get to cap Haitien myself and another teacher will be teaching a music Workshop over the course of the weekend. We will also be working with the local community as well as feeding the local community and getting to know them on a more personal level. We still need money to cover our expenses, so please help us with your Donations. 

Dec. Our biggest trip of the year is between December and January


Dec. Our biggest trip of the year is between December and January. We will be leaving the day after Christmas and traveling to Gonave Island, which is off the coast of Port-au-Prince. Once we get to Gonave Island several teachers and I will teach at a college. Afterward, we will travel to Port a Prince to help an orphanage. The orphanage, they specialize in feeding and clothing children who would otherwise be out on the streets. After we leave the orphanage we will travel to the music school in Cap-Haitien where we will do a weekend-long Music Workshop. We will also be working with the local community of children which is over 300 doing arts and crafts and Musical games. Really giving the children of the community a chance to be kids. The main struggles that we have in December and January are again getting instruments over to the music school but also the travel expenses. We supply food for the many locations and we try to provide a meal for every student that we teach. With 300 students to feed that’s a lot of meals. It costs about $2 to feed somebody on a full meal for that day so please donate all you can so we can make this all happen.


Please contact us for more information regarding specific items needed for upcoming trips.

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