Concerts, Trips & Charity Events



We are always hosting music events or attend local community events to share information, fun, raffles and more. We often raffle off awesome guitars! The best way to keep up is to follow Rhythm Changes on Facebook or Instagram, but we will do our best to keep everything current here as well.

Rhythm Changes Silent Auction is coming up on January 28, 2020. Come out to Oscar’s Ale House in Frederick, Maryland. 10% of all food sales will go to Rhythm Chages. In addition, we will have live music starting at 6pm from Amanda Grace Wilkens and a silent auction with los of great items from the local community.


Dates for the next scheduled trip will be posted once they are determined. Rhythm Changes always wants to ensure that our volunteers are as safe as possible when traveling and as such always monitor the current political climate in Haiti when deciding to travel. As with any travel to a third world poverty stricken nation, there are always certain risks, but if we do not feel it is safe enough to travel, we will not proceed. If you are interested in a future trip, please contact any Rhythm Changes staff member or volunteer and we will reach out to you when the next trip is planned. As always, we will accept donations at any time. Funds can be used to assist the school and our Haitian contacts and supplies will be stored for transport to Haiti on future trips. 

Rhythm Changes events and concerts support our students of Cap Haitian, Haiti. These are the primary fundraisers for instrument transportation, tuition bills, school supplies and food for our sponsored students of Haiti. All of our trips will focus on musical workshops and early developmental learning. If you’re interested in traveling with us or think you may be able to help, please contact us. Thank you.