Meet Our


Our founder, Brandon Dull, is president and program director of Rhythm Changes.

Brandon is a music teacher, repairs instruments, and serves as a band roadie. He is a professional musician as a member of the Goat Charmers and is also a licensed paramedic.

Incredibly, despite Brandon’s renaissance man list of jobs, he always finds time for Rhythm Changes, since it is such an important part of his life. 

Brandon is running travel logistics and processes applications for those who may qualify for Rhythm Changes assistance.

Brandon is responsible for the overall direction of the program. He also oversees the finances, grants, filing tax information, and allowing persons to participate in the Rhythm Changes program.

Finally, he also works along with the other volunteers, in coordinating local events and fundraising.

Brandon is a Maryland resident and is married to our co-founder, Allison.

We are all very lucky that Brandon was so inspired by that visit to Haiti in 2016. We are all better as a result of all that he has brought to us since that time.

Allison Dull, one of our founders, also serves as Secretary and Treasurer and you can find her as the MC at most of our events.

Allison’s infectious personality educates all attendees at our events about this organization and happenings at our school in Haiti.

Additionally, Allison works with people traveling to Haiti, answering questions and providing tips.

From fundraising coordination to public relations, Allison is a critical member of the Rhythm Changes team. Therefore, without Allison, we would all be lost!

In her real life, Allison is a happily married, dog mom.  She also works at a local senior community center, where she brings her charm to all those around her. Thank you Allison for all you do!
Jose Music Teacher Cap Haitian