Our Story

Founder, Brandon Dull, was working in Frederick, Maryland at a local guitar repair shop in 2014 when he took a trip to Haiti. On that trip, he quickly realized the need for higher education and resources.

He started repairing instruments and sending them to Haiti, while also getting his students involved with cross-cultural trips. While in Haiti he learned how powerful music can be in fighting crime in teens and young adults. 

Brandon took what he learned and developed a comprehensive performing arts and music program with other local teachers and musicians.

Rhythm Changes, a 501(c)3 organization, was started officially in 2018. Since then we have grown to partner with different school systems and local organizations to help the youth of America become more involved in society and creative expression.

Brandon, a Maryland resident, is a music teacher, instrument repair technician, band roadie, professional musician, and is a licensed paramedic.

Brandon works alongside other volunteers coordinating local fundraising events and educational programs. To inquire about these events and programs, lessons, sound services, and more, you can e-mail Brandon at rhythmchanges88@gmail.com .



Jose Music Teacher Cap Haitian

Allison Dull, co-founder of Rhythm Changes, serves as the MC at most of our events, educating attendees about the mission of our organization. Allison works at a local senior community center bringing her charm to all those around her.