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So you want to come to Haiti?

Deciding to come to Haiti is a big one to make. Volunteers pay their way for travel, have to prepare in advance with any items needed, such as a passport or medical care. If you have never traveled to a country such as Haiti, you will need to be prepared for some discomfort, a lot of heat, and an amazing experience, filled with lovely people, amazing food, and beautiful scenery,

If you are thinking about coming with us on one of our trips to Haiti, this is the place to come for what you need to know. From vaccination requirements to packing lists, we will give you as much information as we can.

Rhythm Changes travels primarily to two locations in Haiti, Cap-Haïtien, and La Gonâve. Each place is unique in its way and we encourage you to come to see both locations with us.

When I went to Haiti, it was really hard to adjust to the poverty there, but it really shows how lucky you are for the stuff you have in your life. When I taught music at the Rhythm Changes School, it was a bit hard at first. On the first day, it was kind of difficult to communicate with the two girls I taught saxophone to, Cristin and Jennifer. Not every word in English has a translation in Haitian Creole, so it was difficult to communicate the first day. By the second day, we had less translators than before, so we got off to a rocky start but Cristin and I ended up making it through a whole song together. We barely talked but through the music, we could communicate pretty well. Same with the other girl Jennifer, who barely knew anything about saxophone. By the end of the practice, they both just wanted to play and it was super fun. Sure, it may be hot and humid but the kids dress in button down shirts and nice jeans just to impress you. People are so much happier in Haiti. The young kids are always so fascinated by seeing a white person who isn’t at a resort, trying to interact with the Haitians. Brandon is very good with contacts on the ground, so you feel safe in the new terrain. I think it is an experience that you would never forget and if you can go, you definitely should.

Julia H. (Age 14)

Student, Volunteer & Teacher

As with any travel to a third world, poverty-stricken nation, there are always certain risks, but if we do not feel it is safe enough to travel, we will not proceed and the final decision is always up to you.