Our Haitian Family

Jose Music Teacher Cap Haitian

Jose Michel lives in the community of Cap Haitien, where he teaches music. Additionally, he plays many instruments including saxophone, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard.

Rhythm Changes has partnered with Jose and his music program to help support some of his operating costs. Therefore, one of our long-term goals at Rhythm Changes is to support the teachers and students in Haiti. Most schooling in Haiti is paid for by the student. Therefore we are trying to help them realize that they can attend without money.

Jose himself started teaching music as a way to reduce crime in his community and give the youth responsibility. Jose strives to elevate education to a higher standard, and we want to keep that spirit alive.

Many students are supported through Rhythm Changes. Among them is a man named Fluerival Jean Lesly. Lesly is a student & Haitian liaison.

We are currently helping Lesly complete a 4 yr degree at Linde University, located outside of Linde, Haiti. After that, Lesly hopes to become a music teacher and English teacher for his community.

The cost for him to attend university is $150.00 a month. This is a huge expense for a Haitian but a relatively small expense for us in the United States.

Finally, Lesly also serves as our on-the-ground point of contact in Haiti assisting with travel arrangements and translation. Lesly is a special part of our Haitian family.