Musical Instruments and Supplies Needed

Musical Instruments and Supplies Needed


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Musical instruments of all kinds
Guitar/bass/horn travel cases
9-volt adapters
Clip-on tuners (snarks)
¼ inch cables
XLR cables
Amplifiers/ bass, keyboard, vocals, guitar
Small portables amplifiers
Guitar strings/bass strings/violin strings/cello strings
Suitcases for transport
Soccer balls/with portable pumps
Protein bars/portable food/peanut butter
Old Cellphones
Portable water filters
Extension Cords
Power adapters/ power banks
Solar chargers/portable and industrial grade
Educational books/music, math, English, science
Cell phone charging cables
Duct tape
Basic and Power tools
Fabric / for seamstresses

Rhythm Changes can only exist with your Donations

Rhythm Changes Corp. Is a nonprofit, we will give you a receipt with each contribution for your tax filings. Please contact us for Information regarding sponsorship. Thank You

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