Rhythm Changes Artist Program

Amanda Wilkens is a wonderful musical partner with Rhythm Changes.  Amanda actually came to Haiti in 2019 and shared her amazing vocal talents with all of our students.


Rhythm Changes could not exist without the support of local musicians.

Each of these artists bring a variety of musical styles and personalities for all tastes.

As part of our Rhythm Changes Artist Program, these talented musicians attend our fundraisers and bring awareness to our organization.

We encourage you to check them out here and to attend their gigs and of course any of our events where they are performing.


Our Rhythm Changes bands in cooperation with the Frederick Rock School are often the bread and butter of our events. We consider them part of our artist program as it is our goal to help these students advance their art, expose them to public performances, all while contributing to the cause. In 2021 one of our student bands was even hired to perform at a private party. What an amazing experience for those young musicians!

Monte Leister and the Monte Leister Quartet have been long-time partners with Rhythm Changes. 

Gatwick is an up-and-coming young band with an energetic presence at many of our shows.

Their drummer, and lead singer, is also a teacher and band support for many of our student bands. 

Be sure to check this band out for a fun time!